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Humberside Fire and Rescue has recently attended two serious caravan fires.

Following a full investigation they have isolated the cause and origin and it relates to the following appliance:

Slim Heat electronic panel heater
Model No:0606 Slim Heat 260, 240V, 50HZ

I would like to emphasise that this is NOT an issue with appliance safety, but the actions of the caravan occupiers.

Due to the nature of the installation it has become apparent that when a towel or clothing is draped on the appliance to dry, there is a need to force some material down the back to prevent it from falling off. It is this action which then assists the heating up of the material and has resulted in ignition.

Please can anyone with this heater refrain from using them as drying racks.

If you require any further details you can contact the Humberside Fire and Rescue local community team on:

SM Steve Hellewell 01482 398502