Park Closed

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Following the government advice the park will be closed immediately until further notice. If you come you will get asked politely to go back home. We will come and speak to those that are currently on the park individually. We will keep you updated as much as possible.


  • Zoe @ Tue 19th May 2020, 7:00pm
    Any information regarding the ground rent, just paid the last installment for 1st june but been seeing alot of people recieving back a refund because of the situation where in

  • Emily Annison @ Tue 21st Apr 2020, 8:00am
    Dear sir/madam,
    My parents own a chalet on your site and are unable to make use of it as per the current government guidelines as a result of Coronavirus. They are due to make their final rent instalment however I am querying if rent still needs to be paid on a site that is closed through no fault of their own? I’m assuming you as a business will be taking advantage of government financial assistance schemes for any shortfall income if officially closed. Please can you advise.

    Mrs Annison